EvilC’s ‘Head: Eyes vs. The Rest’

October 27, 2009

eyes Ladies and Gentlemen. May I present, for your delectation, my contribution Head: Eyes vs. The Rest – being a musical interpretation of the eternal war between our physiognomy’s dominant feature, the eyes, and their subjugated poorer neighbours, the rest of the head.

It isn’t really – that’s bollocks! I just ended up with lots of tracks about eyes and not many about the rest of the head, but couldn’t whittle them down into just one CDs worth. Thus, I decided to keep the two broad groups separate, put them on two CDs and come up with some excuse or theme for doing so. …And that was it!

(edit: It is weird, though, how many of the ‘eyes’ tracks were either ‘mainstream’ or were tuneful electropop, while most of the ‘rest of the head’ tracks were slightly more unusual. Thus, these two CDs have very different ‘vibes’ to them.)

Still – on with the show.

As per usual, 320kbps MP3s, bundled together into .rar files. The first one is uploaded to Megaupload and the second one is Rapidshare.
‘Head: Eyes vs. The Rest’

Download Vol.1: Eyes

01. Friday Bridge‘Eyes Without A Face’
02. Makina Girgir‘White Eyes’
03. Divider‘Cold Eyes’
04. Severed Heads‘Dead Eyes Opened’
05. Alden Tyrell‘What Your Eyes Can Do’
06. Solvent‘Googly Eyes’
07. Alpha Aesar‘Red Eyed Love’
08. AS1‘Eyes Are Closed’
09. Little Computer People‘Eyes’
10. The Clarke & Ware Experiment‘Open Our Eyes’

Download Vol.2: The Rest

01. Third Eye Foundation‘Shot in the Head’
02. C‘In 1 Ear’ (K. Moon E. & Flipper mix)
03. Momus‘The Hairstyle Of The Devil’
04. Datafreq‘Claudia Brucken’s Lips’
05. Wire‘Cheeking Tongues’
06. Charles Manier‘Out Like A Tooth’
07. Telefon Tel Aviv‘Your Mouth’
08. Seefeel‘When Face Was Face’
09. Rome‘Beware Soul Snatchers’ [Black Nosed Buddha Mix]
10. Tiga‘Good As Gold / Flexible Skulls’

Something for everyone!

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