Fake Movie Soundtrack Mix

January 2, 2009

Like all loyal users of the fantastic thing known as the interweb, we like to steal ideas from other places.  This one, I’m not even sure where it came from, but I liked it, so here it goes, the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist, and won’t ever exist:

1. Opening Credits:
“Pinta Da Lanca Africano” – Jorge Ben

2. Waking Up Scene:
“Ice Cold Daydream” – Shuggie Otis

3. Car Driving Scene:
“Movin’ Right Along” – Kermit & Fozzy

4. High School Flashback Scene:
“Satisfaction” – Devo

5. Nostalgic Scene:
“Take Me Home Country Roads” – Toots and the Maytalls

6. Bitter, Angry Scene:
“Fallen” – Franz Ferdinand

7. Break-up Scene:
“St. Louis Blues” – Sam Ku West Harmony Boys

8. Regret Scene:
“One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)” – Ella Fitzgerald

9. Nightclub/Bar Scene:
“Good Girls (quarterbar remix)” – Wale

10. Fight/Action Scene:
“Lyrics of Fury” – Eric B. & Rakim

11. Lawn Mowing Scene:
“Hard Times” Run D.M.C.

12. Sad, breakdown scene:
“Niilou” – Baaba Maal

13. Death Scene:
“Boyrei” – Ali Farka Toure

14. Funeral Scene:
“Que Sera Sera” – Sly and the Family Stone

15. Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene:
“Acid Raindrops” – People Under the Stairs

16. Dreaming About Someone Scene:
“Ain’t No Sunshine” – Armada Pereza

17. That Scene You Can’t Remember, But That Had a Good Song
“Hello Its Me” – Todd Rundgren

18. Contemplation Scene:
“Trouble in Mind” – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

19. Chase Scene:
“Naked Eye” – Luscious Jackson

20. Happy Love Scene:
“Oh Me Oh My (I’m A Fool for You Baby)” – Aretha Franklin

21. Happy Friend Scene:
“We’re a Winner” – The Impressions

22. Closing Credits:
“Feel the Heartbeat” – Treacherous Three

 ||||| – matej



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