Songs The Fall covered

May 21, 2008

The great music writer Taylor Parkes has allowed Touched Mix to post a great compilation of original songs covered by the Fall. “Obvious classics, top-notch rarities, effed-up novelty tracks, and every one (it has to be said, really) vastly superior to the Fall version,” Taylor writes by way of introduction. “Look out for tracks by The Monks / The Groundhogs / Tommy Blake which sound uncannily like Fall records already, plus a few that really, really don’t. Fall-haters dig in too. Some amazing stuff here.” Taylor thoughtfully uploaded the comp to two servers, Megaupload and Rapidshare.

Track listing:

1. THE KINKS – Victoria
(Fall version: single, 1987)
2. GENE VINCENT – Rollin’ Danny
(Fall version – retitled “Rollin’ Dany” – single, 1985)
3. THE MOVE – I Can Hear The Grass Grow
(Fall version on “Fall Heads Roll”, 2005)
4. THE MONKS – I Hate You
(Fall version – retitled “Black Monk Theme Part I” – on “Extricate”, 1990)
5. R. DEAN TAYLOR – There’s A Ghost In My House
(Fall version: single, 1987)
6. BOB McFADDEN & DOR – The Mummy
(Fall version – retitled “I’m A Mummy” – on “Levitate”, 1997)
7. SIR GIBBS – People Grudgeful
(Fall version – retitled “Why Are People Grudgeful?” – 1993 single)
8. THE BIG BOPPER – White Lightning
(Fall version: single, 1990)
9. THE SEARCHERS – Popcorn Double Feature
(Fall version on “Extricate”, 1990)
10. LONNIE IRVING – Pinball Machine
(Fall version on “Seminal Live”, 1989)
11. THE SONICS – Strychnine
(Fall version: Peel session, 1993)
12. DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK AND TICH – The Legend Of Xanadu
(Fall version recorded for NME “Ruby Trax” compilation, 1992)
13. THE GROUNDHOGS – Strange Town
(Fall version on “Imperial Wax Solvent”, 2008)
14. STEVE BENT – I’m Going To Spain
(Fall version on “The Infotainment Scan”, 1993)
15. HANK MIZELL – Jungle Rock
(Fall version on “Levitate”, 1997)
16. THE BYRDS – I Come And Stand At Every Door
(Fall version – retitled “I Come And Stand At Your Door” – on “Levitate”, 1997)
17. THE SAINTS – This Perfect Day
(Fall version on “The Marshall Suite”, 1999)
18. LEADBELLY – The Bourgeois Blues
(Fall version – retitled “Bourgeois Town” – on “Are You Are Missing Winner”, 2001)
19. DEAN MARTIN – Houston
(Fall version – retitled “Loop41 ‘Houston” – on “The Real New Fall LP”, 2003)
20. LEE PERRY – Kimble (The Nimble)

(Fall version: Peel session, 1992)
21. IGGY POP – African Man
(Fall version – retitled “Ibis-Afro Man” – on “Are You Are Missing Winner”, 2001)
22. TOMMY BLAKE – $F-oldin’ Money
(Fall version: single, 1999)
23. SISTER SLEDGE – Lost In Music
(Fall version on “The Infotainment Scan”, 1993)
24. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART – Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin’ Stones
(Fall version: Peel session, 1996)
25. THE OTHER HALF – Mr. Pharmacist
(Fall version: 1986 single)

Download link 1 (Megaupload)
Download link 2 (Rapidshare)


  1. Fantastic! Thanks to you and thanks to Taylor, too.

  2. this is such an awesome idea for a mix!

    is there any way you could upload “levitate” to rapidshare? it’s out of print and doesn’t appear to be much of anywhere on the internet either…

    thanks and keep up the cool mix-making


  3. This is great stuff. Thanks.

  4. Nice one, thanks champ 😉

  5. ‘and every one (it has to be said, really) vastly superior to the Fall version’ hahaha. True so very true

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