evilC’s Halloween mix(es)

October 7, 2007

Okay… you know the score – the theme is ‘Halloween’. I soon started making a list of candidate tunes in my head (and on my mobile phone) but I was torn over whether to make the compilation ‘atmospheric’ and a little bit spooky or just go for the obvious and compile tunes that had creepy themes rather than creepy atmospheres. In the end I basically couldn’t decide …so I did both and made two compilations! Cheeky, but hey! 🙂

Compilation 1 – ‘evilC’s slightly spooky AmbientDubHopStepThingy mix’ – is the more atmospheric one. It’s constructed largely from the tunes I was listening to in the mid-90s: Dub-Hop, Ambient and Electronica, but is given a tiny contemporary edge by the presence of Burial’s ‘Wounder’. I’d like to think that this music is part of Burial’s ‘lineage’, but that’s a topic for another time. As you can see, this compilation is held together by Biosphere’s (literally) chilling ambience – Geir Jenssen actually originating from Tromso, 70 miles inside the arctic circle in nothern Norway – something to bear in mind when listening to his music. It crossed my mind to make the whole of the compilation in the same vein: Dark Ambient. However, in the end I opted for a slight compromise, in order to keep it a little accessible and packed the middle out with the atrophied beats of Dub Hop. Some of these selections may not be the best examples of that style, but I had to bear in mind the theme of Halloween and spookiness and thus Spectre’s slightly cartoon-y ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’ made it to the final version simply because it’s in keeping with the theme, whereas offerings from Techno Animal or Alec Empire might have seemed more obvious. It’s undeniably heavy going in parts, but deliberately so. I’ve actually edited most of these tracks slightly, minimising the silence at the end and beginning of most of the tracks or fading them in/out if they merged with their neighbours on their original CDs. This is so that those lucky people with CD burning software that leaves no gaps between tracks can make a CD version where the relentlessness (and thus the atmosphere) is optimised. One word of advice, though: mind your speakers!



1. Biosphere – ‘Antennaria’
2. Scorn – ‘The Next Days’
3. Biosphere – ‘Phantasm’
4. SIMM – ‘Clown’
5. Torture – ‘Soaking Bodies In Dub’
6. Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz – ‘Psychosis’
7. Spectre – ‘Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers’
8. Witchman – ‘Hammerhead’
9. Burial – ‘Wounder’
10. Skull vs. Ice – ‘Operation Mind Control’
11. Biosphere – ‘Silene’

Compilation 2 – ‘evilC’s not-quite-so-spooky mix’ – started out as an attempt to be a bit more varied and playful, but when I looked at my final selections, I saw that my misspent Goth youth had come shining through! Again, I’ve minimised the silence either side of some – but not all – of these tracks and also fiddled with the volume on some of them, where they may have seemed inappropriately quiet next to other tracks that had been mastered louder. I’m not sure if this has entirely worked, but there you go. Again, it’s a slight compromise, stylistically, but I just *had* to end it with This Mortal Coil’s quite devastating version of ‘I Come And Stand At Every Door’ – a track originally recorded with this tune by The Byrds, but whose lyrics are actually a poem (sub-titled ‘The Dead Little Girl’) by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet. Not really a Halloween song, but slightly spooky nonetheless.



1. MC 900ft Jesus & DJ Zero – ‘A Place Of Loneliness’
2. MC 900ft Jesus & DJ Zero – ‘Real Black Angel’
3. In The Nursery – ‘Haunted Dancehall’
4. Voltaire – ‘When You’re Evil’
5. Tom Waits – ‘Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard’
6. Danielle Dax – ‘Yummer Yummer Man’
7. Diamanda Galas – ‘See That My Grave Is Kept Clean’
8. Suicide – ‘Frankie Teardrop’
9. The Cure – ‘Subway Song’
10. Solvent – ‘An Introduction To Ghosts’
11. Brendan Perry – ‘Death Will Be My Bride’
12. Gavin Friday and The Man Seezer – ‘Death Is Not The End’
13. This Mortal Coil – ‘I Come And Stand At Every Door (The Dead Little Girl)’

Have fun!

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