The ad hoc halloween mix

September 19, 2007

Does what it says in the title really.

Conceptually this is supposed to be the night of Halloween itself, through the darkest hours until the dawn. I have realised on finalising it that this makes it seem like I am a bit more into the dark death/tormented souls side to halloween than the sweets and costumes side.

Anyway without further ado, the track listing is as follows:

  1. Journey2Darkness – BurnBabyBurn
  2. You No Go Die…Unless – Fela Kuti
  3. The Ghost – Burning Spear
  4. Vampire – Devon Irons
  5. Soul Fire – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
  6. Wandering Soul – Fun>Da>Mental
  7. Turkish Song of the Damned – The Pogues
  8. The Mark of the Devil – Pulp
  9. Dead Souls – Joy Division
  10. Torture – The Cure
  11. Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family – The Wedding Present
  12. Dead – Tom Waits
  13. Ghosts – Eddi Reader
  14. November Has Come – Gorillaz

Enjoy. If enjoy is the right word.

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